8 DIY Genius Ideas to Make a Trivet

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We love anything that’s multifunctional. Take trivets, for example: Any hostess will recognize that a decorative piece to place your pots, dishes, and drinks isn’t simply practical, it expresses your home’s personality.

Here, we’ve gathered our favorite projects.

1. Wooden Beads Trivet

Who knew that such a modest idea — a table trivet — could function as an art piece too? All of your dinner guests will want to know how you made this easily craft-able wooden bead trivet. Next, they’ll want to know if you can make them one too!

2. Leather-Handle Trivets

Face it, trivets are handy items to have on hand in the kitchen. These leather-handle trivets are even more so as they actually have handles. Never know what to do with your scrap pieces of fabric and trim? This kitchen must-have craft does!

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