5 Expensive Woodworking Tools That Are Worth Every Penny

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4. Palm Router

How many dollars should you spend on the regular router? Well, palm router gives you smaller tool with half price and wattage. Don’t worry about the result: it is outstanding as always. While working on tiny details on smaller blocks, the one-hand operation tool is quite handy. It could do trimming and chamfering well. The craftsmen could also adjust the depth of the cut.

5. Dozuki and Ryoba Saws

Another Japanese product that make its way to the top is Dozuki and Ryoba saws. Their price for two regular-looking blade might be surprising, but their efficiency in cutting tiny details is unbeatable. In addition, these strong blades could do a pull-stroke. Dozuki blade is suitable to cut dovetails and precise angles, thanks to the unique rib. As for Ryoba, it is often used to cross-cutting and ripping.

There is certain price for a good quality product. Take a look again at the list above. None of them is sold below 60 dollars, yet the function and performance could exceed the expectation. You might spend more money if you buy the cheaper one, anyway. So, why don’t you give these tools a try?


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