15 Smartest Furniture Products for Your Apartment

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When you’re short on square footage, you’ll do just about anything to make some extra room. Whether it’s coming up with nifty hacks or purchasing a coffee table that does double duty, space is precious. Ordinary interior items aren’t going to cut it (who has the room for a sectional these days?), which is why we’ve rounded up 15 of pieces of furniture that are perfect for your teensy apartment. From a desk that attaches to a wall to a lamp-table-plant rack, we guarantee these items ahead will make your micro pad feel like a palace.

1. MujiStorage Bed

A bed that has shelves and drawers underneath is essential.
MujiStorage Bed, $494, available at Muji.

2. Swenyo Utility Table

What we love about this product is you can literally turn it into any space saving table you’d like. The options are pretty endless.
Swenyo Utility Table, $75, available at Swenyo/Kickstarter.

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