19 Super Foods That Burn Fat & Help You Lose Weight

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Here are a few super foods to increase metabolism and enhance combustion, the Options that should not be missing from your diet and recipes, these proposals should be given priority at your table.

Are you overweight and want to slim down without specific diet? Or you have normal weight and you want to eat without putting on weight? The answer is the same: increase your metabolism, most of you must surely be wondering “how?” there are many easiest solutions which are available in some common food. Here are the list of fat burning foods you should include in your diet

Eat? And with!

To convert the food we eat into energy and nutrients, first the food is processed in the digestive tract and this causes our body to burn calories, this process is different for each food or their combination. In a typical diet, the amount of postprandial combustion (or the thermionic effect of food – TEF) ranges from 10% to 15% of calories, the less TEF in very raw, soft texture and fatty foods, the greater the less processed food the more protein it contains. However, there are certain foods because of texture, composition and components, causing up to 50% higher cremations, while others have “negative calories.

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